Where You Buy Pecans Online Matters

Posted by wernuts2 on 1st Nov 2019

Many of us are becoming more conscientious about what we eat. We understand the health risks of overly-processed foods, harsh preservatives, and unnatural food colorants. Sadly even the humble pecan is vulnerable to these processing methods. Not only do many of the grocery store brands use these methods, they also do not provide the fresh, rich taste that made pecans a favorite nut. Here are the reasons why it is important to be careful about where you buy your pecans.

Local Production Matters

Where You Buy Your Pecans MattersPecans are native to the United States. So the pecan orchards in the USA are in the climate where pecans best thrive. The weather conditions and soil nutrients support a pecan’s natural healthy production. Nowadays, there are pecans grown all over the world. Sadly, many of these pecans require farming methods that can jeopardize the pecans. Not to mention, the quality

Pecan Orchards In The USA Produce The Freshest Taste

With the farming, shipping, and storage requirements, mass-produced, store-bought pecans often require the addition of preservatives, freezing, and other methods that may carry health risks. Furthermore, these methods also impact the flavor of the pecan. Many of our customers have remarked they’ve never tasted a pecan like ours. That is because our pecans are fresh from the tree and shipped right away to our customers to enjoy without all of these added methods.

Protected Nutritional Value

When a pecan ages and degrades, it doesn’t just lose its flavor. It also loses some of its nutritional value. The healthy fats evaporate. The minerals and vitamins breakdown from oxidation. Which is a huge shame, because fresh pecans are one of the healthiest snacks out there. However, buying from a local producer, like Natchitoches Pecans, ensures that not only does the flavor maintain its integrity, so does the nutritional value. So next time you are looking to purchase some pecans, skip the grocery store aisle. Instead, choose to buy your pecans direct from a pecan orchard in the USA like Natchitoches Pecans. You’ll be sure to get the healthiest, freshest tasting, and most nutritionally-dense pecans available. Check out our selection of pecans grown, packed, and shipped from our family-owned and operated orchard in Louisiana and see the difference for yourself!