Delicious Ways To Use Pecan Meal

Posted by wernuts2 on 17th Mar 2017

healthy pecan mealPecan meal, also called “pecan flour,” is starting to gain popularity as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Pecan meal can be used in a number of different ways and is a great staple to have in your pantry. Even if you are not gluten-free, pecan meal is a wonderful way to impart the rich, nutty hickory flavor to your favorite recipes. Here are some easy and delicious ways to use pecan meal.

Substitute Pecan Meal For Wheat Flour

In recipes that do not require rising like pie crusts or pancakes, you can use pecan meal in a one to one ratio for wheat flour. For recipes that rise like cakes or breads, you will need to also add a rising agent to act in place of the gluten. We’ve found that xanthan gum works great and suggest adding ¼ tsp to every cup of flour. You can also use good old fashion cornstarch. Just be prepared that pecan meal is not as fine as wheat flour, so your baked goods will be heartier and grainer.

Substitute For Bread Crumbs

Pecan meal is a great substitute for any recipe that uses breadcrumbs. Whether you are looking to make a delicious, crunchy coating for your favorite meat or fish or add a topping to a family casserole, you can substitute pecan meal one for one for breadcrumbs. The best part about using pecan meal instead of breadcrumbs, is that pecan meal stays crunchy longer, so it’s great for recipes where you don’t want soggy breadcrumbs.

Make A Delicious Pie Crust

If you are making a classic Southern sweet potato pie or your favorite Louisiana pecan pie, pecan meal can take your recipe to the next level. Making a pecan meal crust is super easy, you make it just like any graham cracker crust. Pecan meal crusts are also perfect for savory pies like quiches and savory tarts. If you’ve already perfected your pie crusts, you can also use pecan meal as a crunchy topping. There are thousands of uses for pecan meal. Not only is it the perfect flour and breadcrumb substitute for gluten-free eaters, it has a great flavor and texture that will enhance your favorite dishes. So when picking out your favorite Louisiana pecans at Natchitoches Pecans, make sure to also grab a bag of versatile pecan meal. Your taste buds will thank you!