Don’t Be So Quick To Toss Away Your Pecan Shells

Posted by wernuts2 on 21st Jun 2019

Pecans are the ultimate wonder. A little nut that packs a big punch, pecans can be used in so many different ways. In our online pecan store, you can find:

• A wide variety of pecans halves, from sweet to savory, for snacking. • Pecan pieces that can be used in all kinds of baked goods. • Pecan meal (the flakes that come from chopping our Louisiana pecans) to use in place of cracker crumbs for baking and breading. • Pecans that are cracked to make them easier to remove from the shell.

Waste Not, Want Not

Speaking of the shell, many people have wondered what to do with it once the beautiful pecan is removed and eaten. Well, we have an easy answer for that one. Since summertime is the time for BBQs and cookouts, pecan shells serve a perfect purpose. Pecan shells add a whole new level of flavor to when used to smoke meats. They impart a soft, sweet flavor to meats such as poultry, beef, pork, lamb, and game. Pecan shells can be used in smoke generators, electric or gas grills, charcoal grills, and in smoke boxes. Simply soak the shells in water for about 30 minutes before use. This will generate the steam needed to add moisture and heat during the smoking process. Soaking also helps to prevent the shells from burning, as this can cause a bitter smoke and flavor on the meat. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for your usage with your smoker.

Save The Shells

Don’t Be So Quick To Toss Away Your Pecan Shells The next time you order a batch of cracked pecans from our pecan store online, be sure to hang onto those shells. You’ll not only get to enjoy the flavor of the nut that’s inside, you’ll get to enjoy the flavor of the shell on the outside at your next BBQ. It’s the ultimate way to recycle the goodness.