The Easy Way To Keto-Friendly Treats Using Pecan Flour

Posted by wernuts2 on 28th Sep 2018

The Easy Way To Keto-Friendly Treats Using Pecan FlourThe Keto Diet has been a big hit for many, but one of the most difficult parts of sticking to it is the lack of “indulgence” foods. Using Louisiana pecans, a healthy keto lifestyle is about to get a whole lot tastier. Pecans have a natural buttery rich flavor, and pecan flour imparts that flour into anything you’d like to make while still being keto friendly. Similar to almond flour, pecan flour has about the same amount of carbs but with half the fat, which means creating dishes with half the calories. So, where can you get pecan flour? Pecan flour, also like almond flour, can be difficult to find and quite pricey, but many don’t realize they can make their own pecan flour is no time at all. Using Louisiana pecan halves or pecan pieces, simply put pecans into a food processor. Now, it’s important that the food processor is room temperature, not warm fresh from a dishwasher, and the pecans are completely dry and room temperature as well. Any excess heat, cold, or moisture may lead to the accidental creation of a nut butter rather than a nut flour. After you place it in the food processor, simply use dry ingredient blades to pulverize and process the pecans to create a fine flour. The walls of the processor bowl may be scraped using a dry spatula to continue creating a finer texture. The result is not only a keto-friendly flour, but a gluten-free flour that can be used in a multitude of sweet and savory recipes. The pecan flour can be used to create meatballs, it can be used with dark chocolate to make sweets, and it can be used as dessert toppings to add a new note to keto-friendly sweets. Pecan flour doesn’t have to be used all at once, and it can be stored in the freezer for months at a time. With Louisiana pecans, a food processor, and a little imagination, you can guiltlessly enjoy a whole host of new and exciting flavors!