Pecan Shells Are Useful Too!

Posted by wernuts2 on 2nd Nov 2018

Pecan Shells Are Useful Too!When people look at—and eat—pecans, mostly their thoughts center on that rich taste, a homespun, uniquely American flavor that could only come from here. And for the most part, they’re right! Pecans are indigenous to North America, so they were here, being enjoyed as a local delicacy, even before the USA became the USA. But that often means many people overlook one critical aspect of pecans, and that’s the shell. It’s true that the nut itself is the part that most people enjoy. But with a little bit imagination and good old-fashioned American ingenuity, a lot of people have found some surprising and great uses for the shells too!

Kindling & Grilling

Pecan shells are combustible, so that means if you’re looking for something that burns well, and you don’t want to break out the wood, try using your pecan shells instead! When put to the task as kindling, or as fuel for a grill, pecan shells make an excellent “biofuel” just like wood, that naturally burns and provides a useful source of energy. Why put those shells in the trash when you can put them to good use in a fire instead?


For people that are into making natural cleaning and beauty products, pecan shells are one more useful ingredient in the pursuit of staying clean and beautiful. By finely grinding up shells in a coffee grinder or other tool, you can take the fine particles and incorporate them into soap, body scrubs, or even facial cleansers. The shells then act as an exfoliation aid, that helps to get rid of dead skin and promote clear, healthy skin growth. Just make sure you take care of yourself and don’t do this every day. You need to give your skin some time to grow and strengthen!


When finely ground up, and then combined with a plastic resin, pecan shells are a very unique shortcut to creating figurines that looked like they’re made of wood, but without having to carve them out! Pecan shells have a wood-like texture that is preserved even when ground up and mixed in with other substances like plastic. You can take that property and use it create or sculpt your own figurines and get a great wooden appearance while being able to mold and shape it like clay!


And, of course, for garden lovers, pecan shells can go straight from your home and onto your soil! Pecan shells mulched will naturally break down when placed outside, providing rich, natural, 100% helpful nutrients that enrich the quality of your soil. If you want to give your garden a boost and don’t want to do it all through chemically synthesized fertilizers, try using your pecan shells instead. This is a much more smart and efficient way to put them to use rather than just throwing them in the trash. Let them work for you! And remember, you can always get more where those came from when you buy from us!