Pecan Trees Aren’t Indestructible

Posted by wernuts2 on 19th Jan 2018

Pecan Trees Aren’t IndestructibleWhen you decide to get pecan gifts, or even just sit down to enjoy these nuts yourself, you’re at the receiving end of a long chain of time, effort, and care.

Pecans, like other crops in America, take time to grow, but, maybe even more importantly, they need proper protection while they do this. Most people think that it’s only fragile crops like grains and vegetables that need a lot of love and care. But even pecans, which come from trees, need the help of experienced agricultural experts to make sure they grow up safely and produce the nuts people love so much. Insects, for example, can be a big threat to the pecan gifts you may eventually buy.  

All Parts Of The Plant Are Vulnerable

  There are different types of insects that present different threats to a pecan tree. Aphids, for example, prefer to eat leaves. But leaves are the solar panels of a tree, and eating those leaves impacts the ability of the tree to process sunlight for its growth. 

On the other hand, Apple Tree Borers, despite the specificity of their name, are just as happy boring into a young pecan tree as they are an apple tree. Regardless of the type of tree, the structural damage that can eventually hurt the entire tree is the same. And finally, for human purposes, probably the worst offender of all is the Shuckworm. These insects actually feed on the nuts themselves. Left unattended, they can slow the maturation of pecan nuts, can damage them, and render them inedible. 

Fortunately, most of these issues can be taken care of by doing just one thing; making sure pecan trees are healthy! A healthy, hydrated tee, with just the right amount of fertilizer, is not as appetizing to many of these insects as a less healthy, more vulnerable tree. For your pecan gifts and other pecan products, we always en-sure our pecan trees get only the best protection so you get the best pecans!