Pecans Make Great Beverages Too

Posted by wernuts2 on 12th Oct 2018

Pecans Make Great Beverages TooLouisiana pecans are generally regarded as a great snack, either in their natural shelled form, or processed and candied for tasty, premium pecan gifts. But beyond just being something that you can pop in your mouth and enjoy, pecans are a lot more versatile than that. Pecan gifts are always going to be welcome, which is why we provide them in a variety of different packages but did you know that pecans can be used for drinks too? It’s true!

The Great Experiment

Pecans can go into a lot of things you wouldn’t expect, including drinks! Starbucks, the great American coffee company, has already unveiled to the rest of the world the power of pecan lattes, but it’s not just coffee that benefits from a surprising helping of pecans. Right here in Louisiana, for example, where pecans have always been easy to grow, lots of locals in the state understand just how much pecans can add to beverages, with some people even going so far as to make soft drinks for locals to enjoy!

Getting Stronger

But some people take things a step further and see just that pecans can do for people with stronger beverage preferences. Pecans have now been successfully used in craft beer brewing, for some very interesting, smaller batches that anyone can enjoy. And if you’re looking for something stronger still, there are distillers in the southern United States who have taken it upon themselves to take one of the south’s great natural treats, and see what happens when it is applied to spirits. Even pecan vodka exists for the curious, making for a distinct, all natural, hard beverage that’s great on its own or mixed. Of course, pecan gifts are still always a great first option, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!