Salted Versus Unsalted Pecans: Which Is Right For You?

Posted by wernuts2 on 25th Oct 2019

When you’re picking out which of our delicious pecans to order, you’ll be faced with a pretty tough decision: Should you get the salted or unsalted varieties? Which you choose depends on a variety of factors including your taste preference, how you will use them, and any dietary restrictions. Here is some guidance on how to decide between the two and if you should look for salted pecans for sale.

When To Choose Unsalted Pecans

Salted Versus Unsalted Pecans: Which Is Right For You?The first thing to consider when choosing between salted and unsalted pecans is your dietary needs. If you eat a low sodium diet, it’s a good idea to stick with unsalted pecans. Pecans are delicious on their own and contain the good fats that support a heart-healthy diet. Another reason to choose unsalted pecans is if you plan on doing any sweet baking or candy making. The salt on pecans can interfere with the flavors of your recipe. Finally, unsalted pecans are a great option if you plan on making roasted pecans with sweet flavors.

When To Choose Salted Pecans

Unsalted pecans are a great option for any pantry, but there are times where you’ll want to grab salted pecans for sale. Salted pecans are a great option for regular snacking and a perfect addition to homemade trail mix. Salting pecans helps bring out some of the umami flavors. So they are also a great option for cooking savory dishes like pecan crusted salmon or chicken salad with pecans. Although, they can bring out the flavors of a sweet dish as well. Finally, they are a perfect option for holiday entertaining. Simply put out a bowl of salted pecans as a snack and your guests will love you. Whether you decide to grab unsalted or salted pecans, or even both, make sure to get the finest quality pecans available. At Natchitoches Pecans we have both unsalted and salted pecans for sale that offer the freshest quality, richest flavor profile, and will make your palate sing with delight. Check out our full line of pecans and let us know which style you prefer!