Spruce Up Dishes By Using Pecan Meal In These Ways

Posted by wernuts2 on 18th Oct 2017

Spruce Up Dishes By Using Pecan Meal In These WaysWhat in the world is pecan meal? During the chopping and processing procedures, flakes and crumbs from pecans become left behind. These small pieces are ideal for adding to baking recipes, but they have additional uses too, and not all consumers are aware of them. Rather than just incorporating the meal into traditional dishes, think outside of the box, and the possibilities of what you can create are endless.

Before Frying Vegetables Coat Them In The Pecan Meal

For some people, there are not many better foods than fried okra or squash. Tried and true family secrets with different ingredients often lead the way in making these tastes but attempting something new might just start a new tradition. Put the flakes in a baggie, add your favorite vegetables, shake thoroughly, and then cook to the correct temperature. It replaces the ordinarily soft textures of veggies with a delightful crispiness that the whole family will enjoy. Another method is just putting some of the pecan meal on a plate or pan, while simply rolling the greens around in it until they become fully coated.

Utilize Pecan Meal In Breakfast Dishes Too

When you think about pancakes, crunchy bites usually do not accompany the thoughts. Blueberries and chocolate chips commonly become added to the batters of both, waffles and pancakes, for flavoring. However, pairing the tastes with that of pecan meal turns an already incredible dish into a mouthwatering sensation. Adults and children will appreciate the hearty home cooked flapjacks, and you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that they are eating healthy foods.

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Our site has a variety of different recipes to help make the transition into cooking with pecan meal easier. Not all of us are world-renowned chefs, and every little bit of advice is beneficial, especially when it comes to cooking. In a matter of mere seconds, a delicious meal can become your worst nightmare. When attempting to cook with new ingredients, many home chefs don't have a clue where to begin. If you are one of the lucky ones that can bake anything, our hats go off to you, but for everyone else, feel free to check out the page for salad, candy, and a bunch of other dessert recipes.