A Day at Melrose Plantation Linen Tea Towel

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A gorgeous decorative item for display in any home, this linen tea towel features the work of Clementine Hunter. Handcrafted with care, this tea towel depicts the famous work “A Day at Melrose Plantation” based on her experiences living and working on Melrose Plantation. Known also as Grandma Moses, Clementine Hunter was born in Southern Louisiana outside of Natchitoches Parish. She was the first African-American artist to have a solo exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Though completely self-taught, her work gained national recognition and has been praised for both its unusual technique and historical significance.

In Hunter’s heyday, Melrose Plantation became a mecca for notable artists and writers of the time. Working with these artists, Hunter because inspired to create works of her own. Over her lifetime she created between four and five thousand paintings each depicting her life and experiences in the South.

A Day at Melrose Plantation depicts life on Melrose Plantation in beautiful detail. The painting is praised for its honest portrayal of everyday life but offers a unique first person perspective. It documents a unique period of history in bold and beautiful colors. A Day at Melrose Plantation Linen Tea Towel can be hung or framed, and adds whimsy and character to any decor. It’s perfect to display in a kitchen or entryway.

A Day at Melrose Plantation Linen Tea Towel is a great gift for people who love folk art or are interested in the Cajun culture of Louisiana. Part of a series featuring Hunter’s work, A Day At Melrose Plantation Tea Towel is a great piece to start a collection. They are beautifully made on high-quality 100% linen towels, edged with a dainty lace detail. Check out the full collection of Clementine Hunter Linen Tea Towels to enjoy more of this wonderful artist.