Try Pecan Meal As A Healthy Alternative

Posted by wernuts2 on 29th Dec 2017

try-pecan-meal-as-a-healthy- alternative

Most Americans hear the word “pecan” and automatically start looking forward to eating some nuts or maybe enjoying a delicious, savory pie. But there’s so much more that you can do with pecans; one thing we think everybody should try is pecan meal.  

Ground For Nutrition

  Pecan meal is sometimes also known as pecan flour, but regardless of the name you give it, the result is the same. This is pecan that has been mechanically broken down into a smaller size, and more powdery texture, so that it can be used as an ingredient in baking and cooking. It’s important to note that pecan meal has only been mechanically ground; there are no additional additives, chemicals, or other processes that alter the inherent nu-tritional value or natural taste in this meal form. One popular use of pecan meal is an additional treat in baking, such as getting an even more savory, buttery taste and texture in pie crusts. But most of the time, baking and eating baked goods is more of a “guilty pleas-ure.” We know things like cakes, pies, pastries, and other food items are delicious, and we love them, but they’re often not necessarily the healthiest foods we could be eating. With the addition of pecan meal, however, things change!  

Good For Your Heart

  Studies were conducted on test subjects who ate foods with either whole pecans, or pecan meals used as one of the ingredients. It was found that people who ate these pecan-based foods actually showed an increase in antioxidants in their bodies, which is good! This is important for striking the right balance in your body. 

Oxidants are a special molecule that your body nat-urally produces, but you can also easily acquire it from smoking, drinking alcohol, or even just breathing in es-pecially polluted air. This is a problem because while a little bit of oxidant in your body is actually healthy for fighting off germs, too many oxidants can actually harm your body. And we now live in an age where it is ex-tremely easy to build up oxidants just by breathing in the wrong place. 

Antioxidants can neutralize oxidants in your body, and pecan meal, like many other plant-based food items, is chock full of antioxidants, as well as a type of vitamin E, which is another useful substance that your health benefits from. With antioxidants in your body to keep the oxidant level under control, you can avoid some of the health issues that crop up with too many oxidants. Things like heart conditions, skin conditions, and even your levels of im-munity all benefit from the presence of antioxidants in your system. 

So if you’re looking for a tasty way to eat a bit healthier food, but not cut out delicious food from your diet, try using some pecan meal in your baking or other cooking. There’s nothing quite like getting a much needed boost of health but still enjoying what you’re eating while doing it! And we’re always hard at work, getting more pecan meal for our customers that want it!