5 Ways To Substitute Pecans In Your Nut Recipes

Posted by wernuts2 on 6th Oct 2017

Let’s face it, pecans are delicious. We can all agree there. As much as we love to eat them in their natural state, pecan pie comes in as a close second. But where do we go from there? Take your culin … read more

Five Perfect Pecan Preserves

Posted by wernuts2 on 28th Jul 2017

Canning is one of our favorite hobbies. It’s a great way to preserve all the delicious flavors of your summer harvest, stock your shelves with healthy, nutritious foods, and make some beautiful handma … read more

Five Delicious Summer Salad Recipes Using Pecans

Posted by wernuts2 on 14th May 2017

Summertime is almost here! There’s nothing better to cool you down than a salad using fresh summer produce and Natchitoches Pecans. To keep your summer salad menu fresh, easy, and bring some fun varie … read more